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Click on a dish to get a full recipe on how to prepare it!     

Traditional Goa Sausage Curry                            Goa Sausage Risotto
Layered Meat Loaf                                               Spaghetti with Mince Ragout 
Mince and Mushroom Curry Puffs                       Stuffed Tomatoes  
Mince Tortillas                                                      Pita Pockets
Spicy Shrimp Loaf                                Shepherd's Pie
Parsley Pancake Stack                                          Stuffed Chicken                                  
 Goa Sausage Terrine                                                          Goa Sausage Spread                                                    
Coconut Curry with Calcutta Sausages                 Traditional Calcutta Sausage Curry

For a delicious snack the Mac Marshall Gourmet range of snags can be grilled and served wrapped in a chapatti with fried onion rings and mint chutney. The Vindaloo Sausage should be served wrapped in a chapatti with fried onion rings.  The range of Mac Marshall Gourmet Sausages is ideal for making the authentic Chilli Dog. 

A few tips on different ways to cook the Goa Sausage!

Some of our customers who say that they have experimented with cooking the Goa Sausage found that by slitting along the length of each sausage and peeling off the casing, they have got a thicker gravy after cooking.  Adding a little coconut vinegar helps with the taste.

We spoke to one interesting customer who fries the sausage with  boiled potatoes and has it like a stir fry.

Finally it comes down to your individual taste!  Each one to his/her own.


  April 2015