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The new batch of Mac Marshall's famous Goa Sausages are now available for delivery 

by post.  Get your sausages in three days delivered to your door!                                        


We've given the Goa Sausages a New Look!  They now come in boxes with a recipe and nutritional information as well as a window to see what the sausages look like.  The boxes can be used to conveniently store inside the refrigerator or on a shelf.  Let us know what you think!!!!!!!!!!!!




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GOA SAUSAGES reviewed by Franz Scheurer of Australian Gourmet Pages.............

Goa Sausages have been reviewed by Franz Scheurer and other gourmet chefs in and outside of Australia and they have a lot to say about the uniqueness of this well-known food from Goa.

Please visit their site http://australiangourmetpages.com

Hot Sanger

By Franz Scheurer


The Portuguese have left a large culinary legacy in Goa. The food in that province of India is quite different and the Portuguese influence is very evident. There are not many Goan restaurants in Australia, nor do many Indian restaurants have Goan dishes on their menu.

 So it was of great interest when I heard that the Mac Marshall Food Products Company in Kingsley, Western Australia was producing a traditional Goan sausage. This sausage is chorizo style with Goan spicing.

 I managed to get hold of some of these “sangers” and decided to cook them in a variety of ways to explore their potential.

The texture of the sausage is excellent. Although I have an above average tolerance to heat, I must say that I think they are too hot. To appreciate the taste (which is good) you literally have to use these sausages as a condiment. (I might as well just use the spices and cook with pork fat). When I feel like eating a sausage then I want great big chunks of it, not a shaving.  If they toned down the heat, you could appreciate the flavours a lot more and they might be a winner.

I liked the Goan sausage sliced very thinly, stir-fried with lots of finely chopped lemongrass and ginger, a good measure of palm sugar and served with freshly shucked oysters with a dollop of horseradish cream.

Try it for yourself. They are available from:


All Asian Food Market, Yagoona, 02 9644 5506

Karibu Cash & Carry, Blacktown, 02 9831 7655

Himalaya Spice Centre, Thornleigh, 9481 8200 and

Manny’s Spices, West Ryde, 02 9808 1403


Truspice, Clayton and Glenroy, 03 9544 1634 and 03 9306 991

Masala Queen, St. Albans, 03 9366 1069

Mahendra’s Indian Food, East Keelor, 03 9336 1069

Hindustan Imports and Exports, Dandenong South, 03 9794 6640

Delhi Bazaar, Veronia, 03 9764 1051

For stockists in other states, call

Mac Marshall Food Products 08 9409 9075


  April 2015