250 grams Goa Sausage

750 grams Chicken mince

1 medium onion chopped

cup flour

cup brandy

3 eggs

10-12 slices bacon

 Cook the Goa Sausage in 2 cups water till all the liquid is absorbed.  Place remaining ingredients, except bacon in blender.  Cover and blend on high speed until smooth.  Stir into sausage. Line loaf pan 9x5x3 inches with heavy duty aluminium foil, leaving about 4 inches overhanging sides.  Place bacon slices crosswise across bottom and up sides of pan, letting slices overhang edges of pan.  Pour sausage mixture into pan, fold bacon over top.  Place loaf pan in shallow pan; pour very hot water (1 inch) into shallow pan.  Bake uncovered in 350 degree oven for 1   hours. 

Remove loaf pan from hot water; fold foil over top. Place weight on terrine. Press down firmly 2 minutes.  Leave weight on terrine; refrigerate until firm, approximately 6 hours.

 To remove terrine, loosen foil from sides of pan and grasping ends of foil, lift out, remove foil.  Cut terrine into inch slices and serve with bread.  

  April 2015