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Goa Sausages




Mac Marshall's Goa Sausages            

Mac Marshall’s Goa Sausage is a subtle blend of the traditional Portuguese Sausage (Chorizo) and spices from Goa.  Produced from the choicest pork portions mixed with freshly ground spices, pickled, smoked and then cured for that distinct taste.   Mac Marshall’s Goa Sausages have set the standard through ceaseless research into refining the manufacturing process.  From the selection of meat and spices along with in-process inspections that have brought about an evolved product recognised for its quality and unique taste.  In producing this sausage, Mac Marshall was challenged to develop a sufficiently high quality product  that would retain its flavour over the expected long shelf life.

  Sausages being filled and hung ready for pickling

Sausages ready for smoking and curing


The final product !    Look for the label !


  April 2015