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I am Muriel Marshall and this is my husband Derek.  We would like to welcome you to the GOA SAUSAGE  website.

Here you will learn a little about (if you haven't already heard of them), , find  selling Goa Sausages throughout Australia.  You may simply browse for and tips on how  to use this very versatile Goan Food to flavour your favourite dishes.

Goa Sausages are very much part of Indian Cuisine but would normally be categorised as Gourmet Sausages  with a basic difference.  They are used to make the traditional Goa Sausage Curry which is unique to Goan Culture.  As a Goan Food, it  could be used to embellish other  dishes.  Such is the uniqueness of the Goa Sausage flavour, you could even make up dishes of your own.  

We always have updates on news about Goan Cuisine, Goan Culture, Goan Information and other interesting facts.  We are also constantly re-designing our recipe page as we have so many Goan Recipes to share with you that we need to catalogue them into headings so you could download recipes of your preference.   Also, if you have recipes of your own which you would like to share with us we would be happy to post these on the site and acknowledge their "creators"

We also have a link (in our section) to Goa Today, an online magazine that gives you updated information on Goa.  You may also find interesting information on   and links to other web pages that list Goan Holidays,  Vacations ideas and places of interest in Goa.  

We have included a link in our news section which takes you to a Cooking School Search engine for cooking schools and their offered cooking classes.  Le Cordon Bleu certification.  

More of this in our News section.

 I thank you for your interest in Goa Sausages and would be delighted if you could take the time to send me your comments in our .

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